The only invitation based convention & competition
    for exceptional, passionate dancers.

Our mission at Transcend Tour is to bring individualized attention into a workshop setting, giving dancers the right tools to be successful in all aspects of the dance industry.

In order to limit class sizes and bring together dancers with similar aspirations, convention attendance is based on audition or invitation only. Our hope is that each individual dancer leaves informed, supported, and inspired to transcend any personal limitations!

Submission Guidelines

As an audition or invitation-only   dance convention, Transcend Tour welcomes you to submit to receive registration access.


Transcend Tour is proud to offer the most diverse set of classes and genres available to ensure each dancer is prepared for the industry and beyond!


Transcendents are chosen at the end of each weekend by the faculty, and are eligible to become assistants the following season.

Alan Salazar

Ballroom / Improv

Eden Shabtai

Industry Seminar/16&up Heels Foundation

Erica Klein

Contemporary Fusion

Hamilton Evans

Jazz Funk

JR Taylor

Guest: Street Jazz

KC Monnie

Jazz / Musical Theater

Kelley Guise

Contemporary / Lyrical

Laura Edwards


Lindsay Arnold

Guest: Ballroom

Luam Keflezgy

Guest: Hip-Hop

Nick Lanzisera


Sabrina Phillip

Contemporary / Jazz

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