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Fees & Time Limits

Live 2021 Event Fees

# of Dancers
Fee (Per Dancer)
Time Limit
IMPROV COMPETITION: (ages 11 & up)
3 Minutes
Duo / Trio
2 - 3
3 Minutes
Small Group
4 - 9
3 Minutes
Large Group
10 - 16
3 Minutes
17 - 24
4 Minutes
25 +
5 Minutes
*Studio Registration (10+ dancers) will close 30 days prior to each event. *General Registration for Transcend Tour's Dance Competition will be closed 21 days prior to each event. *Deadlines are listed under each city’s page. No changes can be made to entries past this deadline.

General Info

Age Divisions

Munchkins (new!)

**Ages are based on the average age of the dancers in the entry. To get the average age of your group, add all the dancers’ ages together and divide by the total amount of dancers in that entry. Always drop the decimal point. For example, if the average age is 10.8 – drop the average age to 10, and the number would compete in the mini (8-10) age division.


  • Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Ballet
  • Hip-Hop
  • Lyrical
  • Tap
  • Musical Theater
  • Open


  • All music must be uploaded in .mp3 format during registration. If music is not uploaded during time of registration, it must be in the online account 21 days prior to the event to compete.
  • Please have a backup with you for all entries on an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or flash drive.


  • Dancers must be registered for both days of workshops in order to compete.
  • Competition entries will be limited to 65 routines per studio (including solos) preliminarily, with the possibility to add more on a first-come, first-served basis 30 days before the event.
  • Soloists should be ready to compete starting Friday at 8am, and all other dancers should be ready for competition at 2pm on Friday if needed. Exact schedules will vary and be available one week prior to each event.
  • Dancers may compete two solos, but one must be entered as “Critique/Adjudication only”
  • “Critique/Adjudication Only” solos: the solo will receive judges’ critiques and the score/adjudication but will NOT be eligible for overall placement awards. For dancers with two solos, this is a good way to still receive feedback from the faculty, as well as a score breakdown to see how the solo would have scored. Dancers may switch which solo is “competing” vs. “critique only” up until the registration deadline.
  • The Improv Competition is a completely separate portion of the event and is not included in entry limits listed above. Details can be found on the the “Improv Competition Tab”.
  • All entries are non-refundable. If you must cancel an entry, you will receive credit for one year from the city for which you submitted.
  • The same entry is not allowed to compete in multiple cities in one season. However, dancers may compete different entries in multiple cities, and may attend as many cities as they wish to participate in workshop classes.
  • All ties are broken first by technique score, and then by the performance/musicality score if a tie remains.


  • Props must be brought on and off stage within 30 seconds at the start and end of the number. This includes clearing and/or sweeping anything that remains on stage after the number.
  • As a general rule, props should be under 8 feet high in order to fit on stage. If you are concerned with the height of your prop, please contact Transcend directly.
  • All props must be dropped off backstage prior to the start of the competition.
  • If you need assistance with your props please let us know upon arrival.

Scoring and Awards


There will be 3 qualified faculty members judging each routine, worth 100 points each. If one of the judges choreographed the routine, they will still provide video critique; however, the entry will be scored based on two judges worth 150 points each. Each entry will be judged based on technique, performance/musicality, choreography, and overall appearance/presentation.

Overall Appearance and Presentation


Transcendental Award


High Gold


High Silver



Category High Scores

Solos and Duo/Trios will receive 1st-5th place, and small groups, large groups, lines, and productions will receive 1st-3rd place in each age division (subject to change depending on how many entries are in each category).

Improv Competition

All improv entries will be judged separately based on a different set of guidelines: creativity/originality (40 points), technique (30 points), musicality (30 points). 1st-3rd place will be awarded among all improv solos (11&over only).

Genre High Scores

In each genre, 1st -3rd place will be awarded based on score of all group dances for each age division.

Overall High Scores

Each age division (Mini, Junior, Teen, Senior) will receive 1st-3rd place Overall High Score of the Competition. This award includes groups only (Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines, and Productions).

The Studio Innovator

Transcend will award the Studio Innovator Award to one studio with over 10 group routines in each city. The studio will be chosen based on creativity of concepts and genre diversity within competition entries. This studio will receive one free, exclusive masterclass and Q&A with one of our distinguished faculty at a Transcend city of their choice. This class will be awarded in the following season when attending again with 10 or more group routines. The studio director will pick their desired genre and class level, and we will organize the rest!

Choreography Award

Judges will pick 2 routines from the 12 & under and 2 routines from the 13+ age divisions to receive the outstanding Choreography Award.

Judges Standouts

Judges will choose 8 routines (4 from the 12 and under age divisions, and 4 from the 13+ age divisions) that stood out in competition based on performance, technique, and entertainment value. Two of those will be chosen as winners to perform in the Sunday Showcase and receive $200 vouchers for the following season’s competition entries.