Our Faculty

Nick Lanzisera


Robert Green


Hamilton Evans

Jazz Funk

Emma Slater


Hanna Brictson


Andrew Mulet

Contemporary Fusion

Adrienne Canterna

Contemporary Ballet

Kevin Jenkins

Contemporary Ballet

Alan Salazar

Ballroom / Improv

KC Monnie

Jazz / Musical Theater




At Transcend Tour, our goal is to connect students to the highest caliber of working choreographers, opportunities, and a strong network of like-minded individuals. We are so proud and excited to have such an outstanding group of faculty members to help us achieve this goal.

The Transcend Tour Faculty are some of the most distinguished, diverse, and innovative working choreographers and instructors in today’s dance industry. Our faculty continues to work with chart-topping artists (Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Usher, Ciara, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Ne-Yo, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few), showcase their choreography and talents on many nationally televised shows (MTV Music Video Awards, The Grammys, The Ellen Show, World of Dance, BET Awards, X Factor, Grease Live!, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars), and movies (High School Musical, Fame, Footloose, La La Land). Furthermore, Transcend Tour is proud to have a faculty whose expertise is demanded world-wide, teaching at the nation’s leading dance studios (Broadway Dance Center, Millennium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle, The Edge Performing Arts Center), as well as studios and conventions around the world. The Transcend Tour Faculty creates a unique opportunity for dancers of all ages to train in styles such as heels, ballroom jazz, musical theater and improv in addition to our traditional dance convention classes!