Can I attend as an independent dancer?

Yes! You do not have to be affiliated with a studio to join us at Transcend, just fill out an Individual Submission form on our website! If you are affiliated with a studio and would like to attend Transcend, be sure to check with your Studio Director – if your studio has already been invited, you can skip the submission process!

Do I have to submit to attend Transcend? How do I submit?

Yes, Transcend is a submission-only event – but the submission process is SUPER EASY! A select number of studios have been invited to attend; if you do not belong to one of those studios or wish to attend as an independent dancer – just click here to fill out a submission form. You will complete a quick questionnaire, attach a link of yourself dancing, and hear back from us within a week!

How do you decide who can attend Transcend?

Our goal is to bring together a select number of dancers in every city that share similar levels of training and commitment so that everyone may receive the most out of their learning experience, as well as to limit class sizes. Therefore, the video portion of your submission is not the only factor that is considered. We have a panel who reviews every submission individually. A dancer’s (or studio’s) technical ability, style, versatility, and goals all play into the decisions. As an approximate checkpoint, the majority of accepted dancers dance 15 or more hours per week in various styles.

If I already have a login from last year, do I need to submit again?

No! Once you have received your account information – you may attend any Transcend city in the future. Just be sure to save your username and password, as that will be what you use for all registrations, checking critiques, schedules, etc.

What is a “Transcendent” and how do I become one?

“Transcendents” are dancers who have stood out in the most classes and styles of dance throughout the weekend, and are individually chosen by the faculty at the end of each tour stop. Transcendents demonstrate technical ability, diversity, passion, drive, and leadership skills. Once an individual receives the Transcendent award, they are considered a “Transcendent” for the rest of that season only, are eligible to become an “Ultimate Transcendent” for the following season, and can attend any city free of charge for one year from the date they received the scholarship.

“Ultimate Transcendents” have a chance to assist on tour the following season, and are chosen by our faculty by June 1st each year. Our faculty reviews the footage of the Transcendents taken at the end of each weekend, and picks 1-2 Ultimate Transcendents in each age division. The faculty takes into account their technical ability, versatility, ability to pick up choreography, as well as their work ethic and enthusiasm based on the faculty and staff’s experience throughout the tour season.

Are Pros eligible for scholarships, to compete, and to receive assistant positions?

Yes! Conventions are a great way to learn from top choreographers and teachers and train in a variety of styles over the course of one weekend; we think that shouldn’t be limited to dancers under 18! We are proud to offer a Pro division, and they will be eligible to compete and receive all Transcend scholarships including the Transcendent award. However, depending on the number of Pro dancers each weekend, they may be combined with Senior dancers for classes and Pro Transcendent scholarships will be given out based on merit (not every city will have a “Pro Transcendent” even if there are Pros registered).

I noticed that you do not offer ballet as part of your curriculum. Could you explain your reasoning?

We realize not offering ballet is different from many other convention formats. While we strongly believe and advocate for ballet as a vital piece of a well-rounded dancer’s training, one of our goals is to offer styles and experiences dancers may not be accustomed to at their home studios or other conventions. Ballet, in particular, is a style most advanced dancers are training in consistently at their home studios, and it is that format that benefits their technique tremendously. We wanted to instead use the limited time in a workshop setting to introduce dancers to new ways of movement, push them out of their comfort zones, and give them new tools to take with them beyond the class setting! For this reason, we have introduced other styles beyond contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop that we believe will offer young dancers new skills to supplement their training including improv, ballroom, musical theater, and heels foundation for older dancers.

Can 5 & 6 year olds take class and compete?

As of this year, we no longer offer a separate Munchkin age division (the Mini age division starts at age 7). Because our program is meant more as a way to develop upon young dancers’ training that already have a certain amount of experience – we felt it was best to adhere to our core concept, and start with age 7. However, if you have a dancer that is advanced for their age and wishes to participate in the “Mini” classes, they are welcome to do so under the discretion of the teacher/parent! Dancers age 5 and 6 are also welcome to compete if the average age of their dance is at least 7 and falls into the “Mini” Age Division.

Do you have competition entry limits per studio?

This season, we will be updating each city’s page with entry limits as registration fills up. We have strict caps for number of entries, and do expect certain cities to sell out, so be sure to get your registration in early!

Can an individual compete more than one solo?

As long as they are competing in different genres, individuals are allowed to compete up to two solos this season.

When should we expect to compete?

Competition schedules completely vary depending on each city, and are announced 1 week prior to the event at the latest. However, all soloists should be prepared to compete starting 8am on Friday if needed, and all other dancers should be ready to compete starting 3pm on Friday.