Mentorship Program Copy

What it is:

The Mentorship Program was designed to bring longer term training and mentorship through Transcend Regional events. Often times, dancers attend a convention – and don’t see that faculty or take those classes again for a full year. For this reason, we have created a program where a small group of dancers can work one-on-one with a faculty member consistently in at least 3 cities throughout the year. The Mentorship Program is capped at about 24 dancers total for the year, or 12 dancers per weekend (depending on the dates that you are able to attend and choreographers’ schedules).

Every “mentee” will be paired up with a “mentor” (choreographer) based on the dancer’s top 3 mentor choices. In each city the dancer attends, they will wear a different color number to indicate their participation in the program. The dancer will have one guided meeting with their mentor in each city, plus an introductory meeting in the first city they attend. The mentor will use this time to give their dancer individual feedback based on what they observed in class, as well as answer any questions the dancer may have about the industry, their dancing, etc. After a year of consistent training and feedback from their mentor, it is our hope that each dancer in the program becomes stronger and more confident, receives specific advice that will benefit them in their dance journey, and gains a helpful advisor within the dance community.


  • Ages 11 & up to participate.
  • Attend at least 3 Transcend tour stops.
  • $250 membership fee

How to participate:

Registration will be live SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2020. Registration for the mentorship program closes JANUARY 1ST, 2021 (space permitting). 

  • After you have filled out a regular submission form to attend the event here and have been accepted (or already have a regional registration account): fill out the form below with your top 3 choices for mentors and pay the $250 membership fee.
  • You will receive a response within the week with the cities your top 3 mentors will be attending.
  • You will have 3 days to confirm your mentor pick, and to register for the cities you will be attending. If you have not confirmed and registered within that time, your mentorship spot will not be held and you will be refunded your $250 membership fee.
  • If you have already registered for a city prior to filling out a Mentorship Program form, this will count as one of your three required cities. If your mentor will not be attending this city, and you would like to switch – the registration can be changed to a different tour stop.
  • Please note that faculty schedules are subject to change. If for any reason your mentor can no longer attend his/her scheduled tour stop: you will receive the option of a substitute mentor in that city or to transfer that city’s registration to another city. You will also receive a credit for one free regional tour stop for one year.

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